Restore Your Smile with Custom-crafted Dentures

Dentures are versatile restorations that have helped millions of patients with missing teeth renew the look and function of their smiles. In order to meet the diverse needs of his patients, Dr. Kenneth R. Giberson offers both traditional and implant-supported dentures at his Fairfax, VA, practice. We can review the unique benefits of each type during a personal consultation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

No matter if you are missing several teeth or an entire row, Dr. Giberson can provide a custom denture to meet your needs.

Traditional Dentures

Smiling couple on the beachTraditional dentures are removable prostheses that feature a gum-colored base and artificial teeth, and they are held in place by clasps or dental adhesives. A partial denture is used to replace several teeth, while a complete denture is used to replace an entire dental arch. To plan your traditional denture, we will take detailed impressions of your smile. Next, these will be sent to a local dental lab, where your restoration will be custom-crafted from advanced materials to blend flawlessly with your smile. With proper care and routine maintenance, your traditional denture can last for many years.

Implant-supported Dentures

Advances in technology have led to the introduction of implant-supported dentures, which are considered the best restorative treatment for patients with extensive tooth loss. Dental implants are small metal posts that are surgically placed in the jaw. As the area around the implants heals, the posts become fused with the jawbone, allowing them to provide an unparalleled support to dentures. Dr. Giberson offers both permanent and removable types of implant-supported dentures.

A removable denture can be secured using as few as two implants. However, we will often use the innovative All-on-4® method to secure a permanent full-arch denture with just four strategically placed dental implants. This placement technique is especially beneficial for patients with reduced jawbone density. In some cases, Dr. Giberson can use immediate-load implants to secure a denture on the same day as your implant placement procedure.

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Benefits of Implant-supported Dentures

When compared to other restorative treatments, implant-supported dentures offer patients a number of benefits. In terms of strength and security, implant-supported dentures are the most durable and stable types of dentures available. A traditional denture on the lower arch can often move out of position because there is not enough suction to hold it firmly in place. By supporting your denture with artificial tooth roots, you can eat, speak, and smile with complete confidence.

Not only do implant-supported dentures look and feel extremely natural, they also provide benefits to a patient's overall oral health. After losing a tooth, the jawbone will no longer receive proper stimulation and begin to degenerate. Once implants are placed, they fuse with the surrounding bone and return stimulation to the area, halting jawbone recession. As a result, implants can prevent further tooth loss and an altered facial structure. Additionally, your implant-supported denture can continue to fit comfortably over many years, since the underlying bone will not change shape.

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No matter if you are missing several teeth or an entire row, Dr. Giberson can provide a custom denture to meet your needs. To learn more about the different types of dentures we offer, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Giberson today.