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What Do Patients Value About Dr. Giberson?

Dr. Kenneth R. GibersonDr. Giberson is well known by his patients for his honest appraisal of their dental needs. His talents as a cosmetic dentist enable him to transform his patients’ appearance enhancing the quality of their lives. His talents as a restorative dentist enable his patients to enjoy eating again. His skills in endodontics (root canals), periodontics (gum health), and oral surgery (implant surgery) eliminate the need in many cases for his patients to go to several specialists, which results in saving money and time.  Certain implant and root canals cases often times require a specialists' skills and Dr. Giberson recognizes the need for that when necessary. 

Families love going to his office because Dr. Giberson works VERY well with children. He has a special way with children that makes the appointments fun and not traumatic.

State Of The Art Dentistry

Dr. Giberson's top priority is to stay current with up to date dental procedures. Thus, He attends courses regularly throughout the year to develop and maintain the skills related to the most recent state-of-the-art procedures and advances in dental treatments. He is motivated to make lengthy appointments stress free. He is trained to offer oral conscious sedation for anxious patients, which can include a sleeping pill along with nitrous oxide.

Dr. Giberson considers his patients to be part of his professional family, and his treatment plans are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each unique patient.

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Dr. Giberson considers his patients to be a part of his professional family. He is committed to working with his patients to meet the goals that they have developed as partners to attain the optimum dental treatment that satisfies their needs.

Dr. Kenneth R. Giberson graduated from the Medical College of Virginia Dental school in 1978. He is a member of the Northern Virginia Dental Society, the Implant Society of Northern Virginia, the International Academy of Osseointegration, and the American Dental Association.

Staying current with up to date dental procedures has always been a top priority for the practice. The following is a list  some of continuing education courses  Dr. Giberson has taken:

  • The Peter Dawson series on On complete Dental rehabilitation and Occlusion. This was series of four 3 day courses taken over the span of two years.
  • The David Baird series of all ceramic inlays, crowns and veneers. This involved three 3 day courses taken over 2 years  focusing on porcelain veneers, onlays, and crowns
  • The William Strupp series of courses titled Predictable Restorative Dentistry applicable to crowns, porcelain veneers, and fillings.
  • The Tulsa Dentsply annual 3 day course on endodontics. Dr. Giberson has attended 8 of these courses over the years to keep up with the most current root canal therapies
  • The Straumann ITI International Symposium  on Implant Denistry. This 4 day course offered invaluable instruction in Implant  placement and bone grafting
  • A three day course titled “Soft Tissue and Esthetic Considerations in Implant Dentistry” by Anthony Sclar
  • The international Congress of Oral Implantology: Is an annual symposium featuring the top implant surgeons and implant restorative dentists  in the country and world.   

With more challenging cases dental visits can oftentimes be lengthy. To make these extensive visits to the office as pleasant as possible Dr. Giberson has trained with D.O.C.S. so that he may offer oral conscious sedation for the anxious patient. We commonly offer a sleeping pill along with nitrous oxide to create a relaxed stress-free environment for the patient. 

Undergraduate Degree:  Bachelor of Arts in Zoology UNC Chapel Hill 1972

Dr. Giberson spent summers in high school and college teaching swimming lessons to children ages  3 to 12.  As a result of that experience he has a wonderful way with kids.  Children always have a good experience at our office.  

Dr Giberson is married to Dr. Paula Giberson and has two children, Sophia and Isaac.

Hobbies and Activities: Tennis, Sailing, Bike Riding, Golf , Swimming and last but not least playing the piano

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